Wilberforce Lodge No. 2134
Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings
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A remembrance of two  of our Brethren who gave their lives in the Great War.
Wilberforce Lodge Officers 2019/2020
Worshipful Master.   W.Bro. Barry Longstaff Snr Warden.                Bro. Jnr Warden.                Bro. John Marris Chaplain.                     W.Bro. Trevor Collinson PPGStdB Treasurer.                    W.Bro. Mike Smith Secretary.                     W.Bro. Bill Glanville PPJGW Dir. Ceremonies         W.Bro. Kevin Lyons ProvDepGDC Almoner                       W.Bro. Kevin Priestley PPJGD Charity Steward         W.Bro. Alan Allinson Lodge Mentor             W.Bro. David Johnstone PPSGW Senior Deacon            Bro. Lloyd Glanville Junior Deacon            Bro. Terry Scott Asst. DC                       Bro. James Gault Organist                      Bro. Simon Batt Asst Secretary            Bro. Andrew Harris Inner Guard               Bro. Andrew Homan Ch.Steward                 Bro. Roger Wood Ch.Steward                 Bro. James Storie Steward                       Bro. Stephen Holgate Steward                       Bro. Colin MaClean Steward                       Bro. Andrew Shearer Steward                       Bro. Mark Sykes Steward                       Bro. Jordan Surtees