Wilberforce Lodge No. 2134
Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings
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At this time 100 year remembrance services and events are taking place all over the world to commemorate those who lost their lives in the Great War. Here, the Wilberforce Lodge remembers two of our Brethren who made the ultimate sacrifice in that conflict. Brother John Symons Penwill. Brother Harold John Fentiman. Both were in the Mercantile Marine and both lost their lives in the same year . 1917. Bro. John Symons Penwill was the Master of the SS “Jupiter “ when on the 21st May 1917 she was torpedoed and sunk, 15 miles west of Beachy Head by the U boat UB 40 under the command of  Kapitaneleutnant Hans Howladt. Bro Penwill and 18 other crew perished. Brother Penwill was born in 1848 in Salcombe in Devon.  He was initiated into the Wilberforce Lodge on He lived at Salcombe House No.5 Ryde Street, Hull. He left a wife Lavinia and three children. He received the Campaign Award to WW1 Merchant Seamen1914-1925. He is buried at Seaford Cemetery in East Sussex. Brother Harold John Fentiman was a 2nd Engineer aboard the SS “Zara” when on April 13th 1917 she was torpedoed and sunk 90 miles west of Helliso Island by U boat “U 30” under the command of Kapitanleutnant Franz Grunert. 27 crew lost their lives. Brother Fentiman was born on 1st June 1880 in Benares India. He was inhitiated into the Wilberforce Lodge on He married wife Hilda in April of 1913. He left two daughters aged 3 and 1. He received the Mercantile Marine War Medal. He is also Commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial in London.